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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to take our Green formula is in the AM, morning time, prior to breakfast.  If that is not suitable for you, you can also take the product 15-30mins after your meal.

For most users once a day intake is the best and most efficient way to use the product

Yes, it’s actually preferred to take the formula on an empty stomach to increase absorption. Our natural product will not upset your stomach.

As with anything in life, taking too much of anything, even the best product in the world is not the best idea. We suggest a moderate daily intake balanced with your lifestyle. Remember, one piece of cake tastes good but eat the whole cake and you don’t feel well.

As long as the product is kept in the refrigerator to maintain freshness, the life of the product is about 24 months.

Our Green formula does not contradict with any medication. However, if you have concerns about combining the products you should consult with your health care professional.