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Soya Lecithin

Soya Lecithin 1800 mg (GMO Free)

Phosphatides (97%) :

Phosphatides are a class of lipids which form a major constituent of the cell membranes. These phosphatides play a crucial role in synthesizing the nerves in the human body.

Health Benefits :

Lecithin forms one of the most important ingredients of phosphatides which perform various functions in the human body such as maintaining optimal chemistry of the brain and improving its function by boosting its memory retention capacity.

Phosphatides are widely included in various health-enhancement drugs as they undergo metabolism as soon as they blend with the blood stream. Soon after it gets metabolized, the peripheral tissue produces its compounds to initiate neuron-specific enolase activities of different tissues of the body. Phosphatides also aid in pigmentation process that help in improving the performance of the brain cells. They are also present in the myelin sheath covering the spinal cord and the brain where they help in easing the process of intercommunication of cells for better functioning of the body.

Preparations :

Phosphatides are broadly consumed through cereals, beans, embryos or as supplements available in the market.

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