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B. Bifidum

B. Bifidum are 'friendly' micro-flora in the human digestive system which perform many functions vital to human health.

Health Benefits :

The presence of B. bifidum in the human body is responsible for numerous health benefits, including protection against diarrhea, immunity boosting and reduction of lactose intolerance. They also enhance both vitamin as well as protein synthesis which aids in better absorption of nutrients and prevents colonization by harmful bacteria. These strains particularly promote the digestion of the intestinal lactose which helps combat constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and increases mucosal integrity. They are also known to fight urogenital infection such as radiation induced colitis, yeast infections and vaginitis in females.

B. bifidum has also been found to play a key role in lipid metabolism and the reduction of cholesterol levels in the human body.

Preparation :

B. bifidum are most commonly made available in powder form in probiotic supplements.

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